Center for African Studies

The mission of the African Studies Program is to promote the interdisciplinary study of Africa at the University of Pittsburgh through high quality research and teaching about Africa and the African experience. The program provides a learning environment that facilitates a comprehensive and critical understanding of Africa and the African people through courses and activities designed to help students grasp the continent’s internal dynamics and its evolving place in the world as we prepare them for their leadership and service roles in global society.

Services Offered: 
Cultural Festivals
Guest Speakers
High School Student Events
Intensive Summer Language Study Opportunities
Pre-professional Workshops with High School Students and Staff
Professional Development Workshops
Resource Lending Library
School Visits


Here is a sample of materials generated by the Center for African Studies or as a result of programming in which they participated.

Lesson Plans, Unit Plans, Modules

Intended Audience:
Students, K-5, 6-8, 9-12, Higher Education, Faculty, K-12, Post-Secondary

Objects collected from all over the the African continent are held in the African Studies Center for use by individuals in all educational settings.

Intended Audience:

These fantastic lessons guide you and your students through the complex system of online archives. Explore history through artifacts with these finely crafted lessons. Intended for grades 9-12, these lessons can be modified to accommodate learners of any age. Set forth of a learning adventure with these stupendous lessons.

Intended Audience:

This diverse set of lesson, created by a highly qualified team,  plan draws upon the appeal of the normal. By having students examine the objects they use everyday and compare them with the objects young people use in Ethiopia, learners may be able to discover more about themselves connect it to others around the world. These expertly crafted lessons are targeted toward late elementary school...

Outreach at Center for African Studies

Suad Yusuf
Graduate Student Fellow
Center for African Studies
Bancy Gichovi
Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant
Center for African Studies
Susan Ngbabare
Outreach Engagement Coordinator
Center for African Studies