Course List

CLAS promotes and publicizes the teaching of courses with Latin American content in more than 20 departments and schools throughout the University of Pittsburgh . Over 250 area courses on Latin America have been offered at the University of Pittsburgh each year for the past decade. These include courses specifically focused on Latin America or the Caribbean or global courses that include at least 25 percent Latin American content and are taught by faculty members with Latin American expertise.

A list of Latin American area courses is compiled prior to registra­tion for each term. The list provides all of the information needed to register for the courses as well as the instructor's descriptions of the content and requirements for the course. To see the most recent or a comprehensive list of courses that are acceptable for fulfillment of the certificate or related concentration programs of the Center for Latin American Studies, click one of the links below:

The Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures offers a complete range (elementary through advanced) of courses in the Spanish and Portuguese languages. The Department of Linguistics through its Language Acquisition Institute provides instruction in Quechua (elementary through advanced).