Educational Public Service (Outreach)

As a National Resource Center on Latin America, CLAS' Outreach Program plays a pivotal role in sharing information and expertise on Latin America to educators both at the college/university level and kindergarten through secondary (K-12) level, the professional community, and general public as part of its Educational Public Service (Outreach) mission. Outreach programs are offered throughout the academic year. These include but are not limited to: professional development workshops, study abroad opportunities, faculty development seminars, summer research fellowships, curriculum development projects, school visit program, lecture and film series, resource lending library, list of Latin American Organizations in Pittsburgh and two newsletters (CLASicos and Las Noticias).

At this level, CLAS shares its expertise on Latin America and the Caribbean with K-12 educators through: Teacher training workshops, professional development overseas, curriculum development, school visit program, just to name a few.

At the college and university level, the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) shares its expertise on Latin America and the Caribbean with faculty and students from other two and four-year institutes

CLAS, in conjunction with other University of Pittsburgh departments and professional schools, collaborates with several local organizations (World Trade Center, High Technology Council, Southwestern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center) whose purpose is to increase international business with Pennsylvania -- the Center often serving as a useful bridge between Latin America and the Pittsburgh business community.

You may be familiar with The Center for Latin American Studies University at the Pittsburgh’s longstanding outreach program that send college students into K-12 classrooms to share their knowledge on Latin America. In fall 2012, The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) is now launching a “Virtual School Visit” Program using Skype videoconferencing.