For Students

For Students

The number one priority of the Center for Latin American Studies is its students. CLAS seeks to expand and enrich resources on the Latin American and Caribbean region at the University of Pittsburgh in order to offer its students multidisciplinary academic training programs of the highest quality that complement a degree in a discipline or profession.

Academic Advising

Luis Van Fossen Bravo is the Academic Advisor for the Center for Latin American Studies. He would be happy to meet with you to discuss your academic aspirations and career goals in order to help you begin to carve out a path of study related to your interests in transnational issues.

Graduate Students

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) offers two graduate certificates in Latin American Studies: the Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies and the Latin American Social and Public Policy Certificate. It also develops and coordinates resources relating to Latin America and the Caribbean. These resources include: lectures, conferences, cultural events, funding opportunities, etc.

Undergraduate Students

Any undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh may enroll in the Certificate or Related Concentration of the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS). The earlier you enter the program, the easier it is to incorporate Latin American courses into your plan of study. As a CLAS student, you will become eligible for grants and fellowships awarded by the Center. You also receive information about the many events sponsored by the Center.

Seminar and Field Trip

Each year, 10 to 15 students are selected to participate in the Seminar and Field Trip. First, students enroll in a semester-long preparatory seminar during the Spring in preparation for travel to Latin America in the Summer. Students then spend six weeks in the Summer studying and living with a host family in Latin America, where they will conduct an independent field project and earn six credits applicable toward the CLAS certificate upon completion of the program. Past Seminar and Field Trips have traveled to Cochabamba, Bolivia and Valladolid, Mexico, among other sites. 

Pitt in Ecuador

Interdisciplinary work in the Humanities, Sciences, and Engineering on the sustainability of Amazonian environment and culture. Held at Iyarina (Ee-yah-ree-nah) on the banks of the Napo River in eastern Ecuador, one of the most bio-diverse places on earth. Open to adventurous students from any college or university. This program is FLASF eligible for the study of Kichwa!

CLAS Course List

CLAS promotes and publicizes the teaching of courses with Latin American content in more than 20 departments and schools throughout the University of Pittsburgh. Over 250 area courses on Latin America have been offered at the University of Pittsburgh each year for the past decade.