For Faculty

For Faculty

Resources at the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) for its affiliated faculty: 

Over 100 University of Pittsburgh faculty members are associated with CLAS. Their teaching expertise and research specializations encompass all of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and many of the English-speaking countries.

Faculty Research Grants are designed to fund projects that involve research on Latin America and/or the Caribbean. The grants are designated for two purposes: (1) the provision of “seed money” or supplementary money for large projects; and (2) the provision of limited funds required for smaller projects or projects of short duration.

CLAS provides faculty members with travel funds to support their participation in conferences/meetings.

For major faculty projects that directly enhance the University´s capabilities in international studies. The purpose of the UCIS Faculty Fellowship is to enable faculty members to undertake projects or acquire skills that enhance the University’s capabilities in some branch of international studies.

The Hewlett International Grant Program is intended to help University faculty in the development or completion of international projects requiring a somewhat larger effort than available through the Small Grant Program.

The Small Grants Program of the CRDF is administered by the Office of Research and the University Research Council. The primary goal of the Small Grants program is to enhance opportunities for faculty, especially junior faculty, at the University of Pittsburgh to engage in high-quality research, scholarship, and creative endeavors.

The Eduardo Lozano Memorial Dissertation Award committee invites all faculty affiliated with the Center for Latin American Studies to consider nominating graduate students for the Eduardo Lozano Memorial Dissertation Award competition.