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Friday, September 30

Round Table Conversations with Experts from the Field:
Education, Health, and Medicine
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Medi Bugembe, Alison Karnes, Dr. Mark Karnes, Victoria Nalongo
4217 Posvar Hall
Sponsored by:
African Studies Program, Asian Studies Center, Center for Latin American Studies, Center for Russian and East European Studies, European Studies Center and Global Studies Center
Katherine Mooney
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These experts will share their entrepreneurial field experiences working with populations in East Africa to provide education, shelter, healthcare and other basic social services. Students will have the opportunity to meet with them, hear their stories, ask questions, and learn about opportunities to get involved.

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The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) provides a calendar of events at the beginning of each month. It contains a variety of events, call for papers, job postings, etc.

Cuba has been reforming, or been at the brink of a reform period, perhaps since the revolution. With an aging leadership and now decades-long economic struggles, the pace of change, however, has finally accelerated. Today Cubans can open small businesses, travel abroad, access the internet, and purchase cell phones, microwaves, and (very expensive) new cars.

The annual Latin American Social and Public Policy conference features presentations on social and public policy research in Latin America by students from the University of Pittsburgh and other universities, with comments by University of Pittsburgh faculty.

Featuring music, food, dance, arts, crafts, and children's activities from Latin America and the Caribbean.

For 50 years, CLAS has been dedicated to supporting the study of Latin America's history, cultures, and societies and the continuing challenges and triumphs that the region has experienced. Its primary mission is to develop experts on Latin America who will apply their language skills and knowledge of the countries of the region in their professional careers.