Pitt in Ecuador

Interdisciplinary work in the Humanities, Sciences, and Engineering on the sustainability of Amazonian environment and culture. Held at Iyarina (Ee-yah-ree-nah) on the banks of the Napo River in eastern Ecuador, one of the most bio-diverse places on earth. Open to adventurous students from any college or university. This program is FLASF eligible for the study of Kichwa!!

Enroll through the University of Pittsburgh  

  • Undergraduate 8 weeks 12 credits:  $6500; 4 weeks 6 credits (June or July session only): $3500;   Prices include tuition, lodging, 3 meals per day, and in country travel.
  • Graduate FLAS eligible Kichwa Program (8 weeks 6 credits): $7300 (costs paid by FLAS Fellowship for grantees).

For more information visit Andes and Amazon Field School;
To register visit University of Pittsburgh - Study Abroad Office.