Katheryn Linduff

Dr. Linduff received her MA and Ph.D. at Pitt and has been a member of the faculty since 1973. Her undergraduate and graduate courses focus on Chinese and Eurasian art and archaeology. Currently, her research is being conducted on cultural diversity in ancient society, especially on the relationship between the early Chinese and other groups who lived at her borders and who were contributors to early Chinese culture. Projects that she is currently working on include a book Through the Looking Glass: Visualizing Place and Others in China, including sections on ‘Dynastic Leaders and Other Ethnics in Antiquity’; The Construction of Identity in the pre-Tang; Remaining Sogdian in China; Self-definition, the Wenji scrolls and the Song; a collaborative project on the Bronze Age of Dynastic China in the late Shang and Zhou and Interaction with their northern neighbors with Cao Wei and Sun Yan; and another collaborative project with Karen S. Rubinson on workshop practices, production and trade to and from China across Eurasia between 4th c. BCE and 2nd c. CE. This commitment to furthering international education at Pitt made her an ideal candidate to receive the inaugural Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement.

Meet Dr. Linduff.