PS Reddy

While serving as a faculty member in the Division of Cardiology, UPMC, Dr. P. S. Reddy established a large-scale, research-based medical school in India, and he founded SHARE, a non-governmental organization focused on research-oriented programs that promote health and wellness in rural India. The University of Pittsburgh awarded Reddy the 2018 Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement in recognition of his impressive record of medical expertise, his commitment to health care research, and his dedication to public health service in India.

Dr. P.S. Reddy is Professor of Medicine at UPMC with clinical and academic expertise in pericardial disease and specific interest in hemodynamics and auscultation. He has published over 100 journal articles and a book based on research and clinical experiences. Over the past 30 years, while concurrently serving as Professor of Medicine at UPMC, Reddy envisioned, planned, built, and executed a large-scale, extremely effective, high impact project to improve health care delivery, rural public health intervention and medical training in India. In 1986 he established SHARE INDIA (Society for Health Allied Research & Education India) as a registered, research society. Today the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, recognizes it as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO). Within the framework of SHARE, and with backing from a broad range of donors with commitment to public service, Dr. Reddy established MediCiti Institute of Medical Science (MIMS), an undergraduate medical college in Andhra Pradesh. The 200-acre campus is located in a rural environment approximately 40 km from Hyderabad, one of India’s most dynamic IT research and development centers. Inaugurated in 1992, MediCiti includes a 550 bed multi-specialty hospital and provides broad range outpatient treatment to the adjacent rural community at subsidized rates. With admission of the first batch of 100 students in 2002, MIMS became a full-fledged teaching college.

By 2010 the college accommodated 500 students in 13 clinical departments focused on search-based medical training with fully equipped laboratories. Anchored in, but extending beyond the range of MediCiti, SHAREINDIA has initiated six major research projects to provide affordable, comprehensive health care, focused on children, the elderly, maternal and infant health and a range of specific medical issues including cervical health and intestinal parasites. Public Health Management Institute (PHMI), a project of SHAREINDIA, is a global non-profitable organization established in 2005 with a simple yet single-minded focus: to improve the quality of life (not just health) through health interventions and related activities in underprivileged communities. Using technology, social and cultural tools, it lays special emphasis on making quality healthcare affordable across all socio-economic strata, thereby strengthening national assets in terms of human resource. As part of this, PHMI continuously supports as well as initiates awareness programs and info-drives on general and specific health concerns. One of its focus areas is the high HIV/AIDS prevalent community across the country. It is currently involved in public health training and implementing programs that will bring relief and awareness to this section of the society. PHMI is not only a charitable healthcare organization; it believes its role in the realm of healthcare is medical as well as moral. Keeping health as an overarching principle, it serves to bring a better way of life to those denied the same. That is why the guiding principles of PHMI have always been defined by the collective voice of the communities it serves, rather than by the ever-shifting demands of government policies and economics. With tremendous energy, visionary leadership and unwavering commitment Reddy has combined research, teaching and service to build innovative, high impact programs in India. It is no exaggeration to say that he has inspired a generation of medical professionals by making research the bedrock of transformational international health care. Under Reddy’s inspired management, SHARE is a truly innovative international institution. Drawing on the expertise of medical researchers from around the world, its various programs have brought about significant change that greatly benefits a broad range of communities in India. Reddy’s many awards and honors include:

•Laennec Society of the American Heart Association, President, 1984
•Distinguished Physician Award, American Association of Physicians from India, 1995
•Award of Excellence, American Telugu Association, 1996
•Outstanding Community Service Award, American College of Chest Physicians, 2001
•Peter J. Safar Pulse of Pittsburgh Award, 2010