Hewlett International Grant Program Evaluation Criteria

Hewlett International Grant proposals are reviewed by a faculty committee composed of former grant recipients representing a range of disciplines.  The committee evaluates and awards points to each proposal based on the set of criteria listed below.

The cumulative point scores are used for an initial ranking of the proposals, but all proposals are discussed by the whole committee before final award decisions are made.

Review Criteria for Curriculum Development and Research/Conference Travel Grants (fall and spring)

Please see outline of Funding Priorities

Proposal Narrative

  • Is this an original and significant project?   (For conference travel proposals, the inquiry will focus on the status of the conference or workshop in the applicant’s field and the importance of the paper in his/her academic career.)
  • Does the proposal include sufficient information about the project; is the information clearly presented and understandable to non-specialists?
  • Are the activities proposed appropriate to the overall project?
  • Does the project have an impact at Pitt beyond the research record of the applicant?
  • Will the project lead to or conclude a larger overall agenda?
  • Does the project involve collaboration with faculty at Pitt or with faculty at institutions abroad?


  • How successful has the applicant been in securing matching funds?
  • Is the proposed budget reasonable for the activities proposed? (Yes/No)

Review Criteria for Major Impact Grants (spring only)

Because the Major Impact Grant offers a higher level of funding and is awarded to only one faculty member each year, all the review criteria for Level One and Level Two Grants will be applied, and in addition the review committee will consider:

  • Does the proposal demonstrate an impact on the international profile of the University of Pittsburgh, either through research, teaching, curriculum development or the development of publications?

Special Note on Budgets

All applicants should pay special attention when completing the Hewlett Budget Spreadsheet.  You should provide the committee with evidence that you have considered all relevant costs for the proposed project--not just the amount of money that you are requesting from the Hewlett Grant Program.  Furthermore, as of spring 2024, the budget spreadsheet has been updated so that you can provide information about various funding sources (the Hewlett grant, discretionary funding from other UCIS units, and personal or departmental funds) for each line item.  The budget spreadsheet includes a sample worksheet that you should refer to as a model for completing the document.  Please note that you should convert all funding into US dollars instead of presenting values in local currency.