Message from the Chair

Dear Colleagues,

In 2019, the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of the Provost and the University Center for International Studies began a multi-year interdisciplinary cluster hire initiative to attract top candidates with demonstrated academic expertise and potential in research, teaching, and community engagement related to Latinx Studies. It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful completion of our Latinx Cluster Hire Initiative, through which nine outstanding individuals have joined and will be joining our Pitt community. These accomplished scholars will contribute significantly to the advancement of Latinx Studies not only at the University but nationally and internationally; they will also undoubtedly enrich our academic community, foster intellectual growth, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable academic environment.

While the term “Latinx” has been debated, it has been deliberately used for this initiative, as opposed to Hispanic or Latino/Latina because “Latinx” transcends the traditional binary gender and sexual orientations inherent in those terms and allows for more inclusivity as it refers to populations in the United States from the diasporas of Latin America and the Caribbean whose language and culture did not originate in Spain. As a whole, Latinx Studies is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to challenge stereotypes, promote inclusivity, and deepen our understanding of the diverse experiences and contributions of Latinx communities.

At Pitt we believe in the power of diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices. This initiative serves as evidence of Pitt’s dedication to expanding our understanding of Latinx cultures and histories, and investing in cutting edge expertise in this growing academic field.

Over the years, the goals for this initiative were three-fold:

  • To send a clear message of commitment to diversity and inclusion both internally and externally.
  • To engage as a leading research institution in the serious research and study of issues that concern the growing Latinx population in the region and the United States.
  • To provide tangible benefits to the University with the recruitment and retention of a more diverse group of students, faculty, and staff.

I would like to sincerely thank the members of the Latinx Cluster Hire Committee from across Pitt who reviewed potential candidates, made hiring recommendations, and generously devoted their time and effort to this process. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the Office of the Provost for providing funding for these hires to aid in alleviating costs. Special thanks to Dr. John Stoner, who played a fundamental role in conceiving and advancing this initiative. John served as the inaugural Executive Director of Academic Affairs at the University Center for International Studies and his commitment to diversity has been exceptional.

These outstanding scholars bring their expertise, perspectives, and passion to the School of Social Work, Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, School of Education, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and the University at large, and we are delighted to be able to introduce them. Please join us in welcoming them to the University of Pittsburgh!



Ariel C. Armony

Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs

Director, University Center for International Studies