Pitt Day of Giving 2023: International Student Emergency Fund

The International Student Emergency Fund is the focus of this year's UCIS Pitt Day of Giving efforts. For the first time ever, this crucial fund is set up to take donations in an orchestrated fashion, but it has been informally in existence for several years. 
In the past, the Office of International Students used its own funding to support emergency needs of international students on an as-needed basis. 
Then, in the summer of 2020, the University approved several large pots of money to be used for international students who were unable to travel home for the summer break. OIS led a committee to distribute those funds, both to undergraduate and to graduate students.   
Later that year, during the winter holiday, OIS learned that quite a few students were concerned about food security over break when the Pitt Pantry was closed. At that time, they were able to officially set up a line item in the OIS budget to distribute small amounts of funding for food.  
OIS Director Delo Blough said, “The account, until now, has been supported entirely through University funding, but we are aware that there is a much greater need than our budget can meet. Therefore, we are thrilled to be able to open it in this way. Hopefully, we will be able to see it grow over the next few years until we are able to provide a healthy response to those international students who are faced with unexpected emergency situations.” 
We hope you’ll be a part of Pitt Day of Giving on February 21 and make your contribution to the ISEF today!
Those with questions about the ISEF and/or international students in need of emergency funding should contact ois@pitt.edu.