An Award-winning Pitt Resource Helps Teachers and Students Understand Taiwan

The University of Pittsburgh’s Asian Studies Center has been recognized for developing an interactive website that provides information about Taiwan’s rich, complex history and culture.

The Centering Taiwan in Global Asia: A K-14 Curriculum website received an honorable mention for the 2023 Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for Curricular Materials by the Association for Asian Studies.

A team at the Asian Studies Center, with support from the Republic of China’s Ministry of Education, has worked on the project for three years.

Catherine Fratto, the engagement coordinator for the Asian Studies Center, said the website comprises interactive maps outlining trade, piracy and colonization on the island along with the history of Taiwan’s indigenous populations and early settlers. Each map page also includes image badges, icons and historical timelines that allow students to engage with the physical geography of the island of Taiwan and the surrounding region. The website also includes lesson plans for these subjects.