Study Abroad Program Development

Ever thought about teaching your courses away from campus? Far away… in another country. Pitt Panther Programs are study abroad opportunities all led by Pitt faculty members. As the leader of a Panther Program, your classroom could be an international city or an isolated village. You will share your local knowledge and expertise and help your students mature into globally capable individuals.

Ready to know more?

Contact Tiffany Martin, Assistant Director for Study Abroad.  She will walk you through the steps necessary to take Pitt to the world.

Pitt has two main options for faculty members to become involved in study abroad:

Lead an Existing Panther Program

Faculty-led Panther Programs run during each semester and summer term, and a few run during spring break. Every year, Pitt runs Panther Programs to more than 65 international locations. While each program is customized to the faculty member’s area of expertise, the courses taught will complement the existing study abroad academic framework. 

Develop a New Study Abroad Program

If you have an idea for a new study abroad program, we want to hear about it. Pitt is on the cutting edge of study abroad programming. We head to the rainforests of Ecuador and the Pacific Islands, and we have programs ranging from engineering and business to film production and foreign language immersion. Launching a new and unique program is a time-consuming endeavor (think curriculum development and risk management) but a very rewarding experience for students and faculty members.


“Leading a study abroad program enhances my own ability to connect what I’m teaching about social problems in the classroom to the lived experiences of people in other cultures, and to compare the social problems and policies of the US to those of other countries. Traveling to Cuba provided a unique opportunity for myself and my students, particularly in light of recent changes in U.S. and Cuba relations.”

Mary Ohmer
Associate Professor
School of Social Work