Undergraduate Academic Credentials

Pitt is a leader in international education. Regardless of undergraduate major or course of study, students can pursue a variety of options that will enhance their degrees and prepare them for the global workplace. Options range from a transcription notation to regional or thematic certificates to the Bachelor of Philosophy degree.

Students can learn about these options through informal conversations at the Global Hub or during formal sessions with a Pitt Global advisor. Doing so early will help to optimize opportunities to study abroad or at home, meet general education and foreign language credit requirements, attend internationally-themed events, and learn about scholarships available through Pitt Study Abroad and the Nationality Rooms. See below for individual opportunities and more information.

  • 5 courses from at least three different departments (15 credits)
  • Capstone project
Language Requirements
  • 4 semesters of one or more of the following:
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Portuguese
    • Irish Gaelic
    • Modern Greek
    • Swedish
Study Abroad
  • Highly encouraged
International Advisor

Pitt Global Certificates

The certificate is a formal credential that fits into the academic spectrum between a major and a minor.  Pitt Global certificates focus on particular world areas or trans-regional themes and can often be earned without extra tuition cost or an increase in overall course load.


Undergraduate students also have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Philosophy in International Studies (BPhil), a highly-regarded degree that is offered in conjunction with the University Honors College. In addition to coursework, language study, and a study abroad/away experience, BPhil recipients write and defend a thesis based on their independent research.

Global Distinction

The Global Distinction is a new Pitt credential that supports your growth in learning more about the world inside and outside the classroom.

By completing course work across disciplines and participating in global activities and experiences at home or abroad, you can earn official recognition for your work. The credential also brings milestone rewards and, upon completion, a personal Global Distinction URL for use on your résumé and networking sites.

Read about the Global Distinction for undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

In addition to the BPhil degree, Pitt undergraduate students can attend specialized symposia, participate in research seminars and field trips, and plan independent research projects at home or abroad. Learn more.