International Partners and Programs


REEES is very active as a catalyst for expanding the international aspects of teaching and research. The Center administers an extensive system of partnerships with institutions in Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia. These provide a base for faculty and graduate student research, undergraduate study abroad, overseas language study, training and development projects, and frequent interaction with scholars native to the region. Several partnership programs have been funded by federal or foundation grants. The University's major international partner institutions in the region are:

Recent Programs

REEES cooperates with the University of Pittsburgh School of Law's Center for International Legal Education in hosting LL.M. (Master of Laws) candidates from countries in the REEES area; with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and its network of international affairs institutes in Russia and Central/Eastern Europe; and with the Katz Graduate School of Business in hosting MBA students and visiting faculty. Each year REEES also hosts numerous scholars from the region who are supported by such national programs as Fulbright and American Councils for International Education.