Student Clubs


Here at Pitt, there are numerous undergraduate student organizations dedicated to the countries, languages, and cultures of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia. REEES collaborates with these clubs to offer year-round programming.

  • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language Club. The Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Language Club strives to promote and perpetuate the history, culture, and language of the region formally known as Yugoslavia through several cultural events as well as regular meetings.
  • Polish Cultural Club. A club for Pitt students to learn more about Polish culture, language, food, history, and Polish life in Pittsburgh. Join us for cooking and baking nights, fun excursions around Pittsburgh, learning how to do traditional Polish crafts, and more!
  • Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Club of Undergraduate Program Students
  • Russian Club at the University of Pittsburgh. The Russian Club at the University of Pittsburgh is a collective of Russian enthusiasts, native Russians, heritage speakers, graduate students, and simply curious individuals who want to know more about the culture, socialize, or improve their Russian in entertaining ways. We host bi-weekly meetings every Thursday. Some of our events include casual Russian language tables, educational film screenings, and guest speakers. 
  • Turkish Language Table. This club gives students the opportunity to learn about Turkish culture, society, and practice their language skills. We often travel to local Turkish restaurants, screen Turkish films, and enjoy drinking lots of Turkish tea!
  • Ukrainian Culture Club. Ukrainian Culture Club's purpose is to raise awareness about Ukrainian culture beyond the Ukrainian community through cultural excursions, experiences, and discussions. Members will participate in a Pierogi Drive, attend Ukrainian exhibits, and cook traditional Ukrainian meals. The members will learn about Ukrainian culture, traditions, and the country's current political climate.