The Battle over Gender Equality in European Politics

12:00 pm
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In recent years, the EU has adopted far-reaching legislation and policies to support LGBTIQ and women’s rights across a broad range of issues from the gender pay-gap through accession to the Istanbul Convention on violence against women to gender equality in culture and foreign affairs, biodiversity, and digital policy. Yet, several member states have resisted such transnational efforts and have not only removed the word “gender” from official documents and eliminated the field of gender studies in higher education but also rolled back gender rights within their boundaries, sparking sustained protests most notably in Poland and Hungary.

Join us for this interdisciplinary panel of scholars, policy-makers, activists, and politicians to explore the history and the future of gender equality in the EU.

Müge Kökt en Finkel
Assistant Professor, GSPIA
University of Pittsburgh

Laura Albu
Vice President, European Women's Lobby

Lenka Bustikova
Associate Professor, Political Science
Arizona State University

Malgorzata Fidelis
Associate Professor, History
University of Illinois, Chicago

Alice Kuhnke
MEP, European Parliament
Vice Chair, Group of Greens/European Free Alliance


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