Soviet Repressions / Family History

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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Maria Lotsmanova

Maria Lotsmanova, former head of the document center of the GULAG History Museum, will present two short screenings: a four minute documentary on the Gulag History Museum and an eleven minute documentary short on her family history (with subtitles).
Maria Lotsmanova has until recently worked at Moscow’s Museum of Soviet Repressions (the GULAG History Museum, 2021 Winner of the Council of Europe Museum Prize), where she would run the Document Center that consults with visitors and gives regular seminars on how to find information in archives about people who were persecuted and convicted during the mass repression in the USSR. She would conduct research for museum exhibitions, publishing projects, museum storage practices and represent the Center at external venues. Her other professional interests include documentary filmmaking and photography, green activism, and sustainability projects. In 2022 Maria moved to Pittsburgh where she currently works as a gallery associate at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

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4130 Posvar Hall
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