Ukraine: War, Culture, and Music

4:30 pm to 7:00 pm
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As Scheduled
Dr. Taras Filenko

Join the Ukrainian community at the University of Pittsburgh for a special evening celebrating Ukrainian culture. It will feature renowned concert pianist and Ukrainian music historian, Dr. Taras Filenko (Pitt Music Ph.D.). Dr. Filenko and Jennifer Orchard (Pittsburgh Symphony) will perform Michael Minard’s "Ukraine Triptych for Piano and Violin." Completed in March of last year, this is possibly the first American piece honoring Ukraine to be written after the February 24, 2022 invasion. Ukrainian students currently studying at the University of Pittsburgh will sing folks songs, which have inspired Ukrainian composers with their harmonies and motifs and provide vital historical memory during challenging times. This concert presents a unique opportunity to experience Ukrainian music and poetry. It will feature classical, romantic, and modern music by Ukrainian composers. The event will begin with refreshments and an opportunity to learn about Ukraine-focused academic, cultural, and humanitarian projects at Pitt and in Pittsburgh.

In-Person event
Frick Fine Arts Building
Event Type
Cultural Event
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