What's in a Name?

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
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A Series on Name Diversity, Identity, and Inclusion
Manuel Roman Lacayo

Can names create subconscious bias? What is the history of our given name? Does the region where our name is most popular impact how we are perceived? How do social status and laws affect our name? Why is it so challenging to ask someone how their name is pronounced?

This series aims to open a doorway to explore issues that affect us every day, and that, ultimately, reverberate through the most intimate aspects of who we are. While we will explore basic tools and name etiquette, with the kindness and respect we all deserve, we intend to reflect about what our names say about us, and how they may be used to define who we are. Please join our exploration of a crucial topic seldom discussed.

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Lecture Series / Brown Bag
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