Master Class Security and Conflict Studies with Peter Haslinger

4:00 pm
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Peter Haslinger is Director of the Herder Institute for Research on East Central Europe. He is a distinguished professor in history at the University of Giessen. His main areas of interest are security and conflict studies; minorities, multilingualism and intersectionality; nationalism, regionalism and historical memory; spatial turn and historical cartography. He has published widely on gaps in theory and model building that are related to theories of secularization and their spatial and cultural aspects. Peter Haslinger has been co-investigator in the LOEWE research cluster "Regions of Conflict in Eastern Europe" (2017-2021), the Jean Monnet Network SecurEU, as well as Principal Investigator in the collaborative research center (SFB) "Dynamics of security" (since 2014), where he was also the speaker of the concept group "Spaces of Security."

Session I: New Trends in Security and Conflict Studies--Introductions, background, and statement of interests. Questions and discussions.

Session II: Critical Perspectives on Security and Conflict--Securitization Theory and/vs. Conflict studies. What is the added value of perspectives from humanities and cultural studies.

Session III: The War of Russia against Ukraine, as an example--Open Thesis: Putin's regime, history of Russian-Ukrainian relationship, novel character of the war (cyber aspects), the significance of war for Europe, and on the global level (China, Africa, grain supply and migration crisis). What can we learn from the war for security and conflict studies?

Session IV: Final Discussion and Wrap Up.

Facilitated by Randall Halle, Director, European Studies Center.

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