Past Language Teaching and Learning Research Grantees

Past Grantees’ Research Reports

  • Victoria Hasko (University of Georgia) conducted a psycholinguistic eye-tracking study to investigate cognitive and verbal aspects of bilingual processing of temporal, spatial, and motion relations by learners of Russian.
  • Olena Sivachenko (University of Alberta) examined the motivational profiles of students enrolled in domestic and overseas intensive Slavic language courses, while also interviewing language instructors to compare their perspectives with those of the student learners. Download research report, "Motivational profiles of learners of Slavic languages: An intensive language learning setting."
  • Rachel Stauffer (Independent Scholar) conducted a study of teaching methodology for the presentation and acquisition of Russian second-person pronouns, ty and vy, at the novice level. Download research report.
  • Sergii Gorbachov (University of Alberta) conducted a needs assessment for mobile/web applications and game-based language learning with students and instructors of East European languages. Download research report.
  • Hope Wilson (Ohio State University) conducted a study on the effects of online ethnographic projects on the sociolinguistic learning and intercultural competence of students in an intensive summer Russian language program.  Download research report.