Project GO Scholarships

The University of Pittsburgh is one of a select few US universities offering Russian language and cultural training through Project GO.  Pitt’s Project GO scholarships provide ROTC students enrolled at any accredited college or university in the US with several exclusive Russian language programs.

Students with no prior Russian language experience may apply for an intensive Beginning Russian class at Pitt’s 2015 Summer Language Institute.  This course will provide the equivalent of one academic year’s worth of Russian language training in just 8 weeks!  Classes are held at the University of Pittsburgh.  In addition to extensive language training, students will attend weekly lectures on Russia (in English) by a variety of scholars, weekly Russian films and singing classes, as well as participate in cooking classes, a traditional Russian tea, and weekly picnics featuring various ethnic cuisines.  Pitt’s Project GO scholarships for domestic beginning-level Russian study provide 100% of tuition, board, and textbook costs.  Furthermore, the scholarship will cover travel between students’ hometowns and Pittsburgh and provide recipients with a stipend to cover meals while in Pittsburgh.

ROTC students who will have completed one or two academic years of Russian language study by June 2015 are encouraged to apply for an 8-week intensive summer course abroad in Yakutsk, Russia.*  According to their level of proficiency, students will take either intermediate or advanced-level language courses at Northeastern Federal University, while engaging in a vigorous cultural program of excursions and lectures.  The final week of this program is held in Moscow, where students will complete a capstone project.  Pitt’s Project GO scholarships for study abroad at the intermediate or advanced levels supply 100% of tuition, board, textbook costs, travel expenses (from students’ hometowns to Yakutsk), and visa application fees.  In addition, the scholarship will cover some of students’ meals (for example, daily lunches) and provide an additional stipend to cover other meals while in Russia.