REEES Co-Sponsorships


The Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies welcomes opportunities to co-sponsor campus and off-campus events that align with our mission and our research priorities. Requests are accepted on a rolling basis, and we encourage submissions early in the academic year. Our limited budget permits us to match funds, typically up to $500, for foreign language and area/international studies events that expand our existing programming.  Submissions from units or individuals with ideas for larger-scale collaborations are also welcome.  

Requests for support should briefly explain the event’s intellectual connection to REEES’s mission and priorities, its anticipated audience and impact, and the proposed schedule.  All requests should be submitted via this form. For inquiries, please contact REEES Associate Director Zsuzsanna Magdo at  We will respond to all submissions within one week of receipt. Applicants are responsible for organizing travel, publicity, reimbursements, and the collection of attendance figures for the events REEES co-sponsors. 

Please submit your request here.