BPhil in International and Area Studies

Bachelor of Philosophy in International and Area Studies, Russian and East European Studies track

The International and Area Studies major, Russian and East European Studies Track is an interdisciplinary major, available to students pursuing a Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) Degree through the University Honors College. Students major in international and area studies (IAS), and focus their studies on Russia and Eastern Europe.  BPhil IAS candidates are also required to have a second major in another academic discipline, and complete a research-based thesis under the supervision of a faculty committee. The requirements for the international and area studies major, REES track, are listed as follows:

1. Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5

2. Complete the following courses:

  • 8 approved REES-related courses (24 credits)
  • 1 methods course specific to their second major or to their BPhil thesis research topic
  • 1 directed study course related to their BPhil thesis research topic

3. Complete 3 years of college-level language study or equivalent proficiency in a Russian or East European language.

4. Complete a study abroad/international learning experience in Russia or East Europe.

5. Write and publicly defend their research thesis (the BPhil thesis) before a faculty examining board that includes a visiting faculty member from outside the University. 

6. Complete a second major in another academic discipline -- the IAS major is a dual major; it must be combined with a second major (note that only two courses from this major can overlap with the approved courses for the IAS major).

To learn more about the BPhil IAS, or about the Honors College BPhil Degree, contact REES Advising


Admission to the University is sought through the School of Arts and Sciences or College of General Studies Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. Application to the BPhil track is made once the student is in residence. In order to enroll in the BPhil, the student must visit the REES office and apply directly to the program. Although any time is acceptable, it is highly recommended that this be done during the freshman or sophomore year. Application forms and further information may be obtained from REES.