Pitt Day of Giving a great success

Pitt Day of Giving 2023 was a resounding success for PittGlobal—and that’s in no small part due to a wonderful network of students, faculty, staff, scholars, alumni, and supporters worldwide.
The International Student Emergency Fund, our focus this year, ended the day with 48 donors and $2,927 in donations, followed by the Center for African Studies with 42 donors and $1,512 and the Global Studies Center with 39 donors and $1,393.
The ISEF helps PittGlobal to provide funding to international students faced with unexpected emergency situations, and money raised will enable the unit to assist more students than ever.
All in all, PittGlobal had nearly 200 unique donors. The unit, as a whole, also took third place on the Places, Experiences, and More leaderboard, an accolade that comes with a $5,000 bonus.
Thanks to the generosity of supporters just like you, learning in and outside the classroom, global experiences, research, and more will continue to flourish over the year ahead.
Let’s go, PittGlobal—and, of course, Hail to Pitt!