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Global Health
Global Health explores the risks and opportunities of globalization for the health of the world population, including the increased spread of diseases across borders and oceans, and the enhanced ability to alert populations and health organizations about epidemics. It also addresses international emergency response systems for health epidemics in different parts of the world.
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Global Economy
Global Economy explores the changing reach and nature of economic flows and political organization under conditions of globalization, raising issues such as international economic growth and crisis, global competition.
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Global Security
Global Security explores international, ethnic, and religious conflicts, and considers ways of preventing and resolving conflicts, including negotiation and fostering of deeper cross-cultural understanding. It raises issues such as the role of the United Nations, armed intervention, non-governmental organizations, humanitarian relief, terrorism, international law, and diplomacy.
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Global Society
Global Society explores how our understanding of who we are changes under globalization, exploring issues such as race, religion, nationality, history, and gender. It addresses the interchange of ideas between cultures, movements of people, international rights, and other factors impacting cultural development in different parts of the world.


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Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 30

Lecture -- Afropean: Narratives of the 21st Century
Alain Mabanckou (UCLA) and Dominic Thomas (UCLA)
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
602 Cathedral of Learning
African Studies Program, European Studies Center, European Union Center of Excellence, Global Studies Center
Department of French and Italian and Africana Studies, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, Humanities Center

The colloquium aims to draw out the multiple meanings of "Afropean" at the intersection of aesthetic and political forms of expression of the African diaspora. Responses will be given by John Walsh, Department of French and Italian.

Thursday, November 6

Lecture -- Pre-Conference Lectures: A View from Cuba
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
University Club
Center for Latin American Studies, Central Administration, Global Studies Center
Department of Hispanic Languages & Literatures, Department of Political Science, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA), Office of the Provost
Diana Shemenski

(University Club; in Spanish with translation)

Lenier González Mederos (editor: Cuba Posible): "Sociedad civil en Cuba: apuntes para el presente".
Roberto Veiga González (editor: Cuba Posible): "La Constitución de nuestra República ante una sociedad que renueva sus imaginarios socio-políticos".

Tuesday, November 18

Lecture -- Israel-Palestine in the Print News Media: Conflict and Representation in the Middle East
Luke Peterson
(All day)
Lower Lounge, William Pitt Union
Global Studies Center
Veronica Dristas

Dr. Luke Peterson will discuss his newly published book Palestine-Israel in the Print News Media: Contending Discourses in which he argues for the existence of national perspectives conditioning international events which are constructed, distributed, and reinforced in the print news media. Dr. Peterson will connect his research on representations of Palestine-Israel in recent conflict events with the ongoing news media portrayals of the Islamic State and American intervention in the Middle East throughout the course of the twenty-first century.

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