Funding for Pitt Faculty

Funding for the 2023 - 2024 Academic Year 

The Global Studies Center offers numerous types of faculty support to our Center Affiliates. If you are not a current faculty affiliate, you may apply for affiliated status if your research and teaching have at least 25 percent global or transnational content.

TO APPLY: Please complete the online UCIS faculty survey and send your current CV to Veronica Dristas. The survey must be submitted, and a letter of acceptance received, prior to your submission of any application for GSC funding. (Current GSC-affiliated faculty, please note that your UCIS faculty survey must be up-to-date to be eligible for funding.)

Call for Applications: Global Across the Curriculum, Spring 2024

The Global Studies Center is pleased to announce the sixth iteration of Global Across the Curriculum (GXC), an interdisciplinary seminar intended to help faculty incorporate global perspectives into their undergraduate and graduate courses.  
What do we mean by the global? Global Studies is often about a methodology rather than a particular topic. It is an approach that emphasizes connective thinking – that is, thinking about the transnational, trans-historical processes that shape our world in an interdisciplinary way. Global Studies troubles a traditional view of nation-states as the building blocks of the contemporary world. It seeks to highlight important connections between events and processes even when they appear to be disconnected, separated by time, space, or even our own categories of thought. In this seminar we discuss some important tools and approaches to connective thinking and learn to build it into our courses. 
Each participant will have the opportunity to design a new course with a global orientation or incorporate a global perspective or dimension into an existing course. Many very different kinds of courses can be Global Studies courses: any course that encourages (or could encourage) students to make connections across and beyond national boundaries; that considers how historical contexts shape and are shaped by contemporary interpretations; or, that demonstrates an awareness that fields as diverse as Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Economics, and Theatre are always-already in conversation with one another. If these new or revised courses are taught on Pitt’s main campus, we hope they will serve as suitable options for students pursuing the popular undergraduate Global Studies and Global Health Certificates; they should also fulfill the newly revised global component (section F) of the General Education Requirements. 
The seminar provides a great opportunity to meet and work with colleagues from a range of fields and to learn more about the many resources the Global Studies Center offers. Participants will work with Global Studies core faculty members and instructional design specialists on their globally oriented courses, workshop their syllabi with other members of the group, and receive a research grant of $1,200 for their participation.  The seminar will have a maximum of 10 participants. It will take place in May 2024; exact dates are May 6-10th. All the sessions will take place in-person and Zoom and be facilitated by Dr. Michael Goodhart, Professor of Political Science. Participants are expected to attend all sessions and to do a small amount of preparatory reading. In our time together, we’ll discuss readings and approaches, workshop one another’s syllabi, and hopefully have some fun. Last year’s seminar participants proposed courses on Food Insecurity, Feminist Theory, and Fragments in the Classics (to name just a few). We encourage you to propose a course that excites you, invigorates you, and that you think could benefit from a more global approach.
We encourage submissions from professors trying to diversify and decolonize their course materials, whether that means stepping away from a purely Euro-American approach, adding more interdisciplinarity to a syllabus, or exploring noncanonical approaches to classic topics. We also encourage professors who have Global Studies experience and simply want a workshop space in which to develop a new course for the future.
Outside the seminar sessions, participants will meet with instructional consultants from Pitt’s Center for Teaching and Learning who are knowledgeable about their disciplines or, if this is not possible for faculty from other campuses and colleges, with equivalent consultants at their home institutions. This will allow them to discuss ways of tailoring their syllabi to the needs of their students and their fields. 
ELIGIBILITY: The seminar, which will take place in Spring 2024, is open to full-time faculty members at any university and college. We aim to bring together people with varied disciplinary backgrounds and teaching experience. Faculty who are new to college teaching are particularly encouraged to apply.
REMUNERATION: Faculty who participate in the seminar will receive $1,200 from the Global Studies Center. Whenever possible, they will be remunerated via transfers to their research accounts; when this is not possible, we can arrange a payroll disbursement, but such disbursements are subject to taxation. Payment will be processed once participants submit their final (new or revised) syllabi. 
TO APPLY: Interested faculty should submit a brief statement about the course they plan to revise or develop (the subject, class size, students it attracts, requirements it fulfills, frequency with which it is/will be taught, reasons for wanting to “globalize” it), a short version of their C.V., and if they are revising an existing course, a copy of the existing syllabus. Applications should be sent to Veronica Dristas
DEADLINE: April 15th, 2024

2024 - 2025 Global Studies Faculty Fellowship

Each year, the Global Studies Center selects an outstanding University of Pittsburgh faculty member whose scholarship supports the Center’s mission. This award is designed to advance and showcase faculty research whose research aligns with the GSC's research initiatives in Global Health, Migrations, Contested Cities, and Critical World Ecologies. Further details can be found here.

The GSC Faculty Fellow will deliver one public lecture in the course of the award year (August 2024 through June 2025). In addition, the Fellow will participate in several (3-4) major Center events pertaining to her or his research throughout the year (to be arranged in consultation with the Director).

ELIGIBILITY: The Faculty Fellow competition is open to full-time tenure- and appointment-stream faculty affiliates. As the Fellowship is intended in part to enhance the visibility or impact of ongoing research and to facilitate outreach, applicants must be in residence in Pittsburgh and not on leave during the award year. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate that they have already made significant progress in planning or executing a project that promises to have a significant impact in their field.

AMOUNT OF FUNDING: The fellowship includes up to $15,000 to organize a scholarly event (e.g., workshop, conference, exhibition, performance, seminar, research collaboration); and an additional $5,000 for travel, research, and curricular development. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to apply (our fellows have come from Art History, Sociology, Policy and Gender Studies, History, Classics, Urban Studies, English, and Africana Studies).  

TO APPLY: Please review the grant guidelines, complete the Faculty Fellow application form, and submit your proposal here. Please email Veronica Dristas at upon submission.

DEADLINE: January 9, 2024.

2024 - 2025 Global Academic Partnership (GAP)

The Global Academic Partnership (GAP) aims to strengthen interdisciplinary research and curriculum development on global themes, enhance international scholarly ties, and raising the international profile at the University of Pittsburgh. GAP awards support interdisciplinary research collaborations, curriculum development, student exchanges, and other scholarly endeavors that include the creation or development of meaningful and sustainable institutional partnerships with international universities, foreign governments, international organizations, NGO's, and think tanks. Preference is given to projects that align with the Center’s research initiatives in Global HealthMigrationsContested Cities, and Critical World Ecologies.

ELIGIBILITY: The GAP competition is open to full-time tenure- and appointment-stream faculty affiliates in the Provost’s area.

AMOUNT OF FUNDING: One grant in the amount of $40,000 will be awarded annually to support ongoing campus programming in a variety of innovative formats that enriches the intellectual environment at Pitt over the course of two years, with $10,000 allocated in the first year and $30,000 in the second.

TO APPLY: Review the grant guidelines, complete the GSC GAP application form, and submit your application online herePlease email Veronica Dristas at upon submission.

DEADLINE: March 1, 2024

Research Grants

GSC Interdisciplinary Cluster Grants

PURPOSE: To facilitate interdisciplinary faculty groups ("clusters") in exploring and developing new collaborations that will become self sustaining through internal or external support. These "starter" grants are easy to apply for and are intended to encourage global and transnational research -- conferences, workshops, edited volumes,  journals, websites or other digital resources, NEH summer seminars, or other projects -- that aligns with the Center's mission and its current research initiatives.

ELIGIBILITY: Clusters of faculty and graduate students representing at least three distinct disciplines may apply. The PI must be a full-time or part-time tenure- or appointment-stream faculty member. The PI must also be a Center affiliate, but not all group members need to be affiliated at the time of application.

AMOUNT OF FUNDING: Up to $3,000 per cluster, with the possibility of a renewal for a second year. Grants include basic administrative and logistical support (such as setting up meetings, reserving rooms, booking travel, paying honoraria, etc.).

DEADLINE: Rolling, while funds last.

TO APPLY: Review the grant guidelines, complete the Interdisciplinary Cluster Grant application form, and submit your application online herePlease email Veronica Dristas at upon submission.


GSC Individual Faculty Research Grants

PURPOSE: To support faculty working on research projects that align with the Center's mission and its current research initiatives. 

ELIGIBILITY: Full-time and part-time tenure- and appointment-stream faculty affiliates may apply.

AMOUNT OF FUNDING: A maximum of $1,000 per grant.

TO APPLY: Review the grant guidelines, complete the GSC Faculty Grant Application Form, and submit your application materials online here. Please email Veronica Dristas at upon submission.

DEADLINE: Rolling, while funds last.


GSC Engaged Learning Grants

PURPOSE: GSC will award global learning grants to faculty members to support innovative projects for engaged student learning. Projects should involve students in innovative learning experiences outside the classroom (whether as part of a course or through independent programs, internships, etc.)

ELIGIBILITY: Full-time and part-time tenure- and appointment-stream faculty affiliates may apply.

AMOUNT OF FUNDING: A maximum of $1,500 per grant.

TO APPLY: Review the grant guidelines, complete the GSC Faculty Grant Application Form, and submit your application materials online herePlease email Veronica Dristas at upon submission.

DEADLINE: Rolling, while funds last.

Travel Grants

GSC Domestic and International Travel Grants

PURPOSE: To provide funding for faculty to attend conferences or professional meetings within the United States for the purpose of increasing expertise that supports the mission of the Global Studies Center, or to develop courses or programs that support global thinking and learning.

ELIGIBILITY: Full-time and part-time tenure- and appointment-stream faculty affiliates may apply.

AMOUNT OF FUNDING: A maximum of $500 per domestic grant/ $1000 per international grant.

TO APPLY: Review the grant guidelines, complete the GSC Faculty Grant Application Form, and submit your application materials here. Please email Veronica Dristas at upon submission.

DEADLINE: Rolling, while funds last.

External Funding

CERIS Curriculum Development Grants

The CERIS grant program is designed to enable faculty to pursue curricular development and enhancement projects related to Islamic Studies. Applications are accepted year-round, and awards are made twice yearly (fall and spring). Learn more >

Other external funding: