Crisis in Ukraine

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Here at REES, we have been following the current situation in Ukraine closely.

A number of our faculty have been actively writing and speaking about the historical context of the crisis, the geopolitics, and other facets of inquiry. We are collecting links to their work below.

*REES is sponsoring a number of events related to the crisis in Ukraine. Please check our events page for more information. 

Timofiy Mylovanov, Assistant Professor of Economics, himself a Ukraine native, has been a vocal advocate for decentralization as a means of solving the crisis. Read his thoughts in the Kyiv Post:

His op-ed piece in the New York Times on Ukrainian decentralization:

And see more about the decentralization initiative on his website:

Sean Guillory, UCIS postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Russian and East European Studies and the Department of History, provides regular commentary on the events in Ukraine:

This is a recent podcast about Russia after MH17 in which Sean Guillory was a participant. It aired on Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

Michael Bobick, UCIS postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Russian and East European Studies and the Department of Anthropology, on perceptions of public order in the aftermath of Euromaidan:

Here is a blog roundtable discussion on the crisis:

Pitt faculty have also served as media consultants on the crisis:

Timofiy Mylovanov

Adriana Helbig, Associate Professor of Music

Other useful links:

The Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies has an online guide to resources about the crisis in Ukraine.

They also have a very useful blog and news curator, which pulls together the most apt writing on the crisis.

Routledge has put together an online collection of articles that address the country’s recent political history.


*Photo taken by Ivan Bandura, used under the Creative Commons License,