REEES offers several internship awards for undergraduates to support a non-credit internship in Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies. Students receiving these awards will be required to work 130 hours. Students are encouraged to contact to apply for an appropriate internship placement.

Please note: internship awards cannot be used for TA positions

All applicants must:

• Be full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates at the University of Pittsburgh.
• Be enrolled in the REEES Certificate Program.
• Have completed two years of REEES-area language study, or be a native speaker of one of the languages of this world region.

The application has a rolling deadline. Please include the following materials with your application:

Internship application (also available in the REEES office).
• Transcript of all university academic work.
• Resume of previous work experience.
• Essay (see instructions on application form).

Students will receive a letter at their current mailing address notifying them of the outcome of their application. If for any reason a selected candidate does not participate in the internship program for which the award was made, the full amount of the award must be returned to REEES immediately.