Faculty Research Grants Program

Faculty Research Grants Program


CLAS Faculty Research Grants fund research projects on Latin America and/or the Caribbean by faculty members that will enhance the expertise and current knowledge of the faculty members and enrich the Latin American/Caribbean content of their courses.


The applicant must be a “Core” or “Related” faculty member of the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Previous awardees who have not submitted brief reports and expenditure documentation from past grants are not eligible to apply.

Amount of Grant

Up to $4,000 will be made available for individual grants; however, not all proposals will necessarily be funded at the maximum.

Funding Priorities

In general, the grants are designated for two purposes: (1) the provision of “seed money” or supplementary money for large projects; and (2) the provision of limited funds required for smaller projects or projects of short duration. Within the broad scope of these purposes, priority for funding is as follows:

  1. New Faculty (first two years)
  2. Junior Faculty (pre-tenure, with special emphasis on faculty with Junior Research leaves)
  3. Faculty from the humanities or disciplines for which external funding is less available
  4. Senior Faculty starting new projects/changing research foci
  5. Senior Faculty requiring start-up funds for research projects that have a high probability of being funded externally in the future

Consideration of these priorities in making awards is contingent upon the overall quality of the proposal.

Utilization of Funds

Grant funds may be used for: (1) travel; (2) maintenance; (3) data collection/analysis—including laboratory analysis, computer time, informants' fees; and (4) release time/salary replacement (only for research projects by junior faculty in the tenure stream—who also are CLAS Core Faculty—when the research will result in publications that will enhance the faculty member's attainment of tenure).

Grant funds cannot be used for: (1) the costs of publication; (2) attendance at professional meetings; (3) the purchase of major equipment (e.g., cameras, computers, or any equipment costing more than $500); or (4) salary supplements/summer salary (except as indicated under [4] above). Preferably, funds should be expended between April and August of the award year, although exceptions will be considered. Arrangements for processing the funds awarded must be made by May 1, 2015.

Proposal Requirements

All proposals must include:

(1) a completed CLAS Faculty Research Grants application form (this form can only be completed online);

(2) a full description of the project not to exceed five (5) double-spaced pages (Word or PDF format), which should include sections on—

(a) the Topic/Problem [and how the research relates to the purposes of the grant program as specified above],
(b) Significance of/Need for the Research,
(c) Methodology, and
(d) a detailed budget (MS Word or PDF format); and

(3) a curriculum vitae of the principal investigator (MS Word or PDF format).

•If the proposed research project is a continuation of one for which funding has previously been awarded by CLAS, please indicate that this is the case in the project description.

Note: The full description of the project may be supplemented by appendices (such as examples of questionnaires, list of field contacts, more detailed information on any of the sections) that should be referred to in the basic text. However, appendices should be kept to a minimum.


Only electronic submissions will be accepted. One electronic copy (items 1 through 3 listed above) of the application should be sent by the deadline through the CLAS Faculty Research Grants Application form.


Applications for research that will take place during 2015-2016 must be submitted by Monday, November 2, 2015 - This year's competition has ended.

Important Note:

  • All research involving interventions or interactions with individuals or the collection of identifiable private information concerning living individuals requires prospective Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.
  • Even if the research may qualify as an exempt category, the researcher must obtain an exemption approval from the IRB.
  • Grantees are responsible for obtaining IRB approval when required, and must provide documentation of IRB approval before the funds can be disbursed. For further information, check the IRB web site at www.irb.pitt.edu.

Grant Recipient Requirements

Grant recipients must provide CLAS with a brief (two to four pages) written report within three weeks following the conclusion of the research.  The report should indicate: (1) how grant funds were expended; (2) if applicable, your travel schedule (where you went and how much time you spent in each locale); (3) what you accomplished; and (4) how you will utilize your research results.  Recipients must acknowledge the assistance of the Center for Latin American Studies, University Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh, in any publication, film, or other product resulting from research supported by this grant.

Grant recipients also are responsible for fully completing the Travel and Business Expense Report form and providing all applicable documentation within two weeks after their return from the field.

Any questions in regard to the grant please contact:

Ms. Luz Amanda Hank (lavst12@pitt.edu)

Funding for the Faculty Research Grants Competition is provided by
the University Center for International Studies and
the Center for Latin American Studies,
University of Pittsburgh.