Community Partners

The Center for African Studies collaborates with community organizations on educational programming. This is especially important for our students interested in community service and internships. We work collaboratively to place our students and to co-sponsor educational events including guest speakers who are typically practitioners from the field. These partners include the following:


Brother’s Brother Foundation

BBF is a gift-in-kind charity that focuses on medical and educational needs around the world. BBF has served 149 countries worldwide with over 105,000 tons of medicines, medical equipment, textbooks, educational supplies and emergency disaster aid since its founding in 1958.


Hekima Place

A loving, faith based home for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Kiserian, Kenya committed to giving them a high quality education, nutritious meals and good health care. Kate Fletcher of Pittsburgh founded Hekima Place in 2005.


Kakenya’s Dream

A leader in empowering girls and transforming rural communities through education. Founded in 2008, Kakenya's Dream leverages education to empower girls and transform rural communities. They believe every girl no matter where she is born deserves a chance to dream, learn, and achieve her full potential. 


The Nyadire Connection

A faith-based, non-profit organization that seeks to support and sustain the Nyadire United Methodist Mission in northeastern rural Zimbabwe, Africa.  The Nyadire Mission offers a hospital, nursing school, school system (preschool through high school), orphanage, teachers’ college, farm, and many other services to the surrounding community.


Open Field 

Improves the lives and futures of youth through sport. Pitt students can volunteer with the organization to impact lives and bring about desired change.


The Pittsburgh Africa Project

A project of the Thomas Merton Center that promote peace in Africa, justice, human rights and welfare of African immigrants in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

A great resource for international engagement across generations and sectors and instill independent, critical thinking about the world and America’s role in it.


Union of African Communities in South Western Pennsylvania

A great resource for our students, faculty and entire community for Africa related events, information and networking.