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Feminist Africa: Theory, Text, and Praxis

Fr 1067
Dr. Astou Gueye

TTHU 9:30am-10:45am
Taught in English, no prerequisites required

Gen Eds: Cross-cultural understanding, diversity, literature.

“We should all be feminists,” claimed Nigerian writer and feminist activist Chimamanda Adichie.
But what does it mean to think about Africa as feminist? How do race, postcolonialism, and nation relate to feminism in this context? To reflect upon these issues, this course explores how African writers, directors, and critics construct and represent female subjectivities and identities in their creative works. In addition, we will explore key theoretical texts that deal with feminist discourse in Africa and the diaspora to understand its genealogies and to contextualize critical categories such as “gender.” What does “gender” even mean in these contexts?



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