The African Studies Program offers certificates in graduate and undergraduate African Studies. The overarching goal is to deepen students' knowledge and to expand their understanding of Africa through a wide range of courses on such diverse topics as: African culture, business development, economics, education, environment, history, health, languages, politics, law, religion.

What can an African Studies certificate do for me?

The certificate will give you credibility in African Studies without having to minor or major in African Studies and bolsters the breadth of your bachelor's or graduate degree. It shows your future employer that you have an interest in and knowledge of Africa. 

Other Opportunities

The program also offers language and cultural immersion opportunities to study abroad in Africa, and it brings students together with faculty and visiting scholars in a variety of different academic and cultural settings. Students from all academic areas are welcome to participate in these activities, which are intended to deepen one's knowledge and understanding of Africa and promote awareness of African realities in a wider context.  Those who enroll in the program and successfully complete the requirements will be awarded either the undergraduate or graduate Certificate in African Studies. 
To apply (You must already be accepted to a department at Pitt to apply for the certificate), please complete an application form online
If you have any questions please email africast@pitt.edu. Students are encouraged to start the process early in their academic careers so that they can design a comfortable and workable plan of study.