Undergraduate Certificate

The ASP provides students with the opportunity for the interdisciplinary study of Africa and African languages as they pursue their respective degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The overarching goal is to deepen students’ knowledge and to expand their understanding of Africa through a wide range of courses on such diverse topics as African cultures, business development, economics, education, environment, history, languages, politics, and religions.

1. African Studies Courses

A total of five African Studies courses (15 credits) is required. They must include one core course (3 credits) and four elective courses (12 credits).
Core Courses include:
AFRCNA 0127 Introduction to Africa
AFRCNA 0586 Early African Civilizations
AFRCNA 1310 Cultures of Africa (ANTH 1778)
HIST 0795 History of Africa before 1800 (AFRICANA 0318)
HIST 1796 History of Africa Since 1800 (AFRICANA 1656)
A Study Abroad course taken in Africa focused on African content

2.  Language Requirement

Students must complete two years of the study of an indigenous African language (Pitt offers Amharic, Swahili, and Arabic) or a European language other than English that is relevant to African studies as a consequence of Africa’s historical experience (French, Portuguese, Spanish)
 • Native speakers of an African language, or European language can have the language requirement waived

3. Capstone Project/Digital Portfolio

This research paper/project is the culmination of the student’s learning experience and clearly demonstrates in–depth knowledge of African studies issues in at least one academic discipline. The capstone must be an assignment submitted as part of coursework, such as a final term paper, and must have received a B or above grade.
• The paper must be at least 8 pages long and contain a minimum of 6 references
• The paper should have a cover sheet that shows the class title, the name of the professor, and the grade the paper received. (See coversheet)
• Capstone papers must be received before graduation electronically to the advisor
The digital portfolio is replacing the capstone project for Students enrolling after January 2019! Any student is able to opt in to the digital portfolio. 

4. Presentation

The student will present the culmination of their African Studies Certificate through sharing about their capstone or African Studies experiences in a mini-forum to students, friends and family. This can take place in December or April before the graduation ceremony.

5. Study Abroad and Internship

Studying abroad is not required but it is highly encouraged. Students can earn credit towards the certificate by studying abroad in Africa. Studying abroad or doing an internship in an African country is a great opportunity to enhance one's knowledge of Africa and to make invaluable connections.

6. Graduation

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7. Enrollment
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