Donate to African Studies

Thank you for choosing to donate to the African Studies Scholarship Fund at the University of Pittsburgh. Your generous gift will allow us to provide valuable support for our students from across the disciplines in their Africa related scholarship, learning, research and training activities on campus and in Africa. Students who otherwise would not be able to study abroad and experience another culture, or pursue research study opportunities due to prohibitive costs will receive help through the scholarship fund to pursue their dreams. Your support will give our students a chance for impactful international opportunities where they can enhance their knowledge and become active global citizens ready with bright ideas and solutions to address the world’s most pressing problems and harness most promising opportunities.


Online Donation


You can make your donation online or by check. To make a donation online with a credit card follow the following procedure:

  • Click here and fill out the first page of the Pitt Give Now form
  • Continue to the second page and write “African Studies Program”
  • Thereafter, simply follow the instructions provided to complete the donation by credit card
  • Submit your donation


Check Donation



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With a minimum commitment of $10,000, an endowment fund may be established and named in honor or memory of the donor, a designated person, or an entity. Please contact; phone 412-648-2058 for further information regarding this endowment donation option if you are interested.