Casey McMullen

Casey McMullen is a senior majoring in Music Composition and Philosophy with a certificate in African Studies on a Pre-Law track. She discovered her love for African Studies in her sophomore year when she was preparing to embark on her first trip to the continent as a Nationality Room Scholar on the Pitt in Ghana program. Since then, she has also traveled to Uganda to pursue research and has been to Israel as part of a student leadership trip sponsored by the Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh. Here in Pittsburgh, Casey is a member of the Women's Choral Ensemble, Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International, and the Model African Union team. She also serves as the President of the Pittsburgh regional chapter of the non-profit Project HEAL, an organization that provides resources and grants for those who need eating disorder treatment.  In the future, Casey is hoping to serve as part of the Peace Corps in Africa before beginning her career in international law. Hail to Pitt!