Tailored Classroom Visits

To schedule a visit for your school email africast@pitt.edu


Members of the Center for African Studies team visit local classrooms and provide students with an immersive experience into African Culture. Currently, visits are being held in a virtual capacity. We work closely with different schools and community organizations to schedule and coordinate educational and cultural visits. Our partners currently include Brashear High School where we collaborate with their African Club for Swahili language teaching and cultural activities. The aim of the African club at Brashear is to create a learning community and to share the diverse cultures of Africa. We provide needed support in advancing their goal. We work with the Global Minds Initiative that aims to combat the issues of cultural intolerance and discrimination through after school tutoring of ESL students. African studies also has a program with Harrold Middle School in Greensburg where we visit once a year during the cultures day.   


During school visits, the African Studies student fellows and scholars give presentations about different topics pertaining to Africa as may be requested by the teachers. The Center for African Studies student ambassadors and scholars share African stories, teach music and dance, teach about cultures of Africa and answer students’ questions. Our goal is to provide school students with a foundation on which to explore Africa as a diverse continent and learn about how it is unique and similar to our own cultures and ways of knowing in the United States. It is also a great opportunity to introduce the young minds to diversity from multiple perspectives. We are always looking for more schools and community services organizations to collaborate with on things African Studies.