Undergraduate Credentials

The Center for African Studies offers three credentials for undergraduates: the African Studies Certificate, the Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) in International Area Studies - African Studies Track, and the Certificate in Mediterranean Studies. The African Studies Certificate allows students in any major to enhance their studies with knowledge of Africa and its history, cultures, and traditions. The certificate is ideal for students interested in learning and gaining a broad interdisciplinary understanding of Africa as a world region, those who want to build expertise in African studies, including gaining intermediate-level competence in an African language. The BPhil in International Area Studies - African Studies is an interdisciplinary degree requiring 30 credits of course work, three years of language study, and rigorous independent research. The Certificate in Mediterranean Studies allows students to examine issues and themes across the Mediterranean world over a broad chronological span, exploring the North African and Maghreb regions. Learn more about and enroll in the certificates: