Faculty, Student, and Alumni News

International Toolkit Site Visit: WholeRen

As part of this year's International Career Toolkit Series, UCIS is organizing monthly site visits in the transnational city of Pittsburgh. Please join the Asian Studies Center on November's site visit to WholeRen to learn about their work on integrating and promoting Chinese-American educational opportunities and find out about potential ways that you can get  involved. WholeRen, headquartered in Pittsburgh, was founded by Chinese and American professional educators in 2010. The site visit will take place on Tuesday November 28 from 4:00 - 5:00 pm. Please register online here. Space is limited to 10 students and will require a refundable $10 cash deposit.

Call for Papers: 6th Annual Pittsburgh Asia Consortium Undergraduate Research Conference

The University of Pittsburgh will host the 6th annual PAC Undergraduate Research Conference on February 24, 2018. The Asian Studies Center and the Pittsburgh Area Consortium invite undergraduate students to present their research on Asia!
Papers will be welcome from students in any discipline and on any part of Asia including the Middle East. We also welcome students who are in the process of researching a longer paper, or who have just begun to explore Asia. In the past we have featured the work of students in their first year of college, as well as students presenting parts of their undergraduate capstone papers! For more information, click here.
Proposals can be submitted here. Students should plan to submit a title and faculty sponsor (faculty do not need to send letter or plan to attend the conference). For more information on how to apply like us on Facebook, follow our website (ucis.pitt.edu/pac) or send an email to Emily Rook-Koepsel (rookkoepsel@pitt.edu)

Pitt to You Student Ambassadors - Applications due Monday!

The Pitt to You program is seeking current undergraduate Pitt students who are willing to serve as student ambassadors to welcome incoming Chinese international students. The trip will depart from Pittsburgh and host workshops in two Chinese cities - Beijing and Shanghai. 
The Pitt to You program has two purposes: to welcome incoming international students to the University of Pittsburgh and to provide Pitt students with an international leadership opportunity especially those who have limited international experience. This opportunity will span two academic years (2017-2018 for training and preparation, 2018-2019 for engagement with incoming international students). Students selected for the program will cultivate relationships with international students before they arrive on campus and then maintain these connections throughout the next academic year.
Application Requirements: Student applicants must be a full-time undergraduate sophomore or junior with a minimum of 24 academic credits completed on a Pitt campus; a 2.5 cumulative GPA; and a clear disciplinary record. Preferred experiences include: an understanding of and experience with United States culture, mentoring, and commitment to cultural diversity.
For more details and to apply, see this page.

Conference: From Madness to Medicine in Japanese Culture

On September 28 and 29, the University of Pittsburgh will host the conference "From Madness to Medicine in Japanese Culture." The academic conference is interested in contextualizing ideas about madness and mental health in the fields of literature and art as well as anthropology and medicine, particularly the history of medicine. Our goal is to more clearly articulate what the boundaries of “health” and “illness” are and how those definitions have fluctuated through Japan’s experience of modernity and post-modernity. For more details, including the conference schedule, please see the conference website.

ASC Welcome Reception (September 8)

Please join us in welcoming the new academic year at our annual reception on Friday September 8 from 3-5 pm in 4130 Posvar Hall. We will provide center updates, introduce new faculty, and enjoy conversation and good food together. Shamisen music will be provided by ASC alumna Yuko Eguchi.

Apply for the ASC Student Advisory Council

This council will consist of a group of currently enrolled certificate students passionate about Asia, who will advise the center.  The council will plan and promote cultural events and other activities on campus and in the community. They will spearhead our How To: Asia series where students will learn a specific cultural skill from Pitt's international community. For more information, please contact asia@pitt.edu. To apply, please fill out an application via this link. Due date will be September13, 2017.

ASC seeks Work Study Student Worker

The Asian Studies Center is seeking a student worker to assist us with both event logistics and administrative tasks. This position is a great opportunity to develop professional skills that relate to your interest in Asia. To apply, please click on the following link.

Pitt visited by Korea Consul General Gheehwan Kim

On April 7, Ambassador Gheewhan Kim, Consul General of Korea, visited the University of Pittsburgh. Ambassador Kim met with Asian Studies Center Staff, brunched with UCIS staff and faculty from across the University, and presented a lecture to students, faculty, and community members.
Ambassador Kim’s lecture was titled “Challenges in the Korean Peninsula.” He spoke on the subject of relations between South Korea, North Korea, China, and the United States, focusing particularly on issues related to trade and tensions surrounding North Korea’s provocative missile tests.

Memory as Politics: An Interdisciplinary Conference (May 6)

Memory is the bedrock of politics. Collective and individual memories—nostalgic, traumatic, or otherwise—pervade politics and, in turn, shape the political present in myriad ways. Reagan nostalgia has featured heavily in the rise of Donald Trump; while Maoist nostalgia has buttressed support for anti-corruption campaigns in China. The trauma of terrorism has affected the international discourse on nation-building and migration, and the trauma of war and genocide has shaped the way in which the world views human rights.
“Memory as Politics: An Interdisciplinary Conference” brings together experts on memory politics from various disciplines to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue in the field of memory politics. The conference will be on May 6 in the Alcoa Room of the Barco Law Building. Please see here for more details.

Dr. Shashank Srivastava, New South Asia Program Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming our new South Asia Program Coordinator Dr. Shashank Srivastava. Shashank is relocating from Stevens Point, Wisconsin to join us at the Asian Studies Center. He earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Banaras Hindu University and is fluent in Hindi, Sanskrit and Bhojpuri. At ASC, he will divide his time between serving as a liaison with the local South Asian community and providing logistical support for our events and programs.