Undergraduate Students

From Anime to atomic bombs or Confucius to K-Dramas, Asia has long been a hub of culture, ideas, population, and economy. Building a strong understanding of this diverse continent can be an exciting way to express global competency. The Asian Studies Center offers two distinct certificates for undergraduate students hoping to enhance their programs of study and build their interest in Asia into their departmental majors and minors. Certificates are available to students in any major across the university. If you have questions about how you can make a certificate from the Asian Studies Center fit into your academic program, get in touch with our academic advisor and make an appointment.

Undergraduate Certificate in Asian Studies

Engage with Asian cultures, languages, histories, and economies through the interdisciplinary Asian Studies Certificate. The goal of the certificate program is for students to attain an in-depth grasp of an Asian region, theme, or the relationship between Asian regions. Students will integrate language study with knowledge of the region’s history, culture, development, social transformations, environment and/or political systems. The Asian Studies Center also has funding to encourage students to go abroad to enrich their understanding of a particular Asian context.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Transnational Asia

Asia is at the forefront of many of the world’s most pressing issues, leading to many analysts declaring the 21st century to be the Asian Century. Representing 60% of the world’s population and 3 out of the 10 largest economies in terms of GDP, Asia plays a critical and ever-expanding role on the global stage. Transnational flows of people, disease, goods, and ideas in and out of Asia have fueled much of the rapid change within the region and its influence abroad. As the world wrestles with issues of global economics, environmental sustainability, public health, and labor migration, Asia’s impact defines a large number of research and social questions spanning academic and professional disciplines. Students endeavoring to understand international business, diasporic communities, history, and politics need to be intellectually agile and able to make transnational and even transregional connections. The Transnational Asia Certificates that will focus the continent’s transnational linkages with the world. 

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All certificate students are eligible to apply for Asian Studies Center scholarship funds. Held each year, scholarship competitions are made possible by endowment funds, grants from private sources, and funds from the US Department of Education.


A number of courses from many departments across the university count towards the Asian Studies Certificate and/or the Certificate in Transnational Asia. You can find the course listings here.