South Asia Initiative

To build upon the growing interest in South Asia both on the campus and throughout the region, the Asian Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh will showcase the university’s new area of strength with three years of thematic programming. These programs will include invited speakers, film screenings, exhibitions, mini-courses, roundtable forums, and much more. Through these programs, the Center hopes to facilitate communication and collaboration between students and faculty and provide opportunities for more active engagement with the local community.

Year Three: 2018-2019

New Maps of South Asia: Art, Design, and New Media

How do communication technologies, such as mobile phones, social media, posters, radio, and newspapers help to redefine political participation, personal style, and forms of belonging in South Asia? In our third thematic year, we will examine how media remaps South Asia as a social and geographic space. The year will open with an exhibition highlighting South Asian art and design that draws on new digital technologies. Our speaker series considers how new media forms transform ways of being and belonging both within South Asia and in broader transnational context.

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