The Asian Studies Center is the heart of the university’s Asian expertise. We play a vital role in revealing this vast region’s rich histories, languages and cultures to our students.

The vital academic credential offered by the Center is the Certificate in Asian Studies, which is tailored for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Certificate

The undergraduate Certificate in Asian Studies is designed for any student to explore a scholarly interest in Asian issues and to develop language proficiency. We encourage students to meet with the Asian Studies international advisor as early as possible to craft an effectively plan of study incorporating Asian courses.

Graduate Certificate

Graduate students with an intellectual interest in Asia or who are considering an Asia-related career will benefit from the graduate Certificate in Asian Studies. Once admitted to the University of Pittsburgh, graduate students should meet with the Asian Studies international advisor to develop a thorough plan of study.

Area Studies

Asian Studies at Pitt are categorized by country or geographic region. Discover the area studies focus that matches your academic goals.

Study Abroad

In-country experience by studying abroad or undertaking an internship is invaluable for cultural insight and Asian language proficiency. Study abroad courses also count toward certificate requirements.

Academic Course Listings

Each semester, the academic courses students may choose to study with Asia-related content differs from the prior semester. Our affiliated faculty members develop new courses, modify existing courses, and sometimes are in Asia conducting research so they are not available to teach on campus. Prior to each course registration period, we post on this website a list of courses offered for the upcoming semester.