ASIA POP: Fan Cultures

Want to learn about the fan cultures of East Asia? Interested in the online culture of K-Pop fans? What is otaku and how does it help define Japanese fandom? This semester's lecture series will explore the fan cultures of East Asia and their influence on contemporary fan cultures across the world.


Lectures will take place in 5201 Wesley W. Posvar Hall.

Tuesday, 1/24/23, 6 p.m.: Dr. Keisuke Yamada (University of Pittsburgh) on vocaloid culture

Tuesday, 2/21/23, 6 p.m.: Dr. Patrick Galbraith (Senshu University, Tokyo) on otaku fandom

Tuesday, 3/28, 6 p.m.: Dr. Jade Kim (Texas A&M International University on K-Pop online fan culture

Tuesday, 4/4, 6 p.m.: Dr. Lu Chen (Guangzhou University) on Chinese transnational fandoms

And stay tuned for a panel discussion to wrap up the series!