SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Festival Coo-Coo 043

2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
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Chan Ching-lin | 2022 | 135 minutes | Taiwan
In Taiwanese filmmaker Ching-lin Chan’s bracing feature debut, a pigeon returns after seven years, reopening a family’s old wounds and festering resentments in a town enmeshed in the illegal pigeon racing circuit. The story revolves around a poor family dependent on its racing pigeons which is shaken by economic pressures, restless youth and the disappearance of their son. The arrival of another drifting youngster brings changes to their lives. But also heralds an approaching storm.
Tickets are free with a PITT id, regular tickets $10, Non-Pitt students $5 with ID.
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In-Person event
Frick Fine Arts Building Room 125
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