SCREENSHOT: Asia Film Festival Opening Night Goldfish

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
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SCREENSHOT: Asia is a project created to bring Asian and Asian American arts to Pittsburgh and engage students in practical, professional arts programming experience. By screening films from across Asia, we hope to create a dialog based on shared cinematic experiences, letting our audiences learn about and embrace different cultures, peoples, and ways of being in the world.
Pushan Kripalani | 2022 | 103 Minutes| India, United Kingdom, United States
Sadhana Tripathy (Deepti Naval), who is beginning to suffer from dementia, has one foot in the door that opens out to the hellish realm of memory loss and speech disruption. Summoned by Sadhana’s neighbor after a domestic mishap, her daughter Anamika (Koechlin) returns to a mother whom she resents for reasons both trivial and significant. The film is finely attuned to the symptoms of atrophy, both in Sadhana’s mind and the mother-daughter relationship. If the mother wants to remember, the daughter wishes to forget. Sadhana and Anamika’s relationship is peculiar to their past but is hauntingly familiar to anyone approaching that vulnerable point where parents begin to resemble children and children must double up as parents.
Tickets are free with a PITT id, regular tickets $10, Non-Pitt students $5 with ID.
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