Bhagawan Vasu Pujya Swami Post-Doctoral Fellow in Jain Studies

Jain monks

Dr. Raja Rosenhagen has been appointed as the inaugural Bhagawan Vasu Pujya Swami Post-Doctoral Fellow in Jain Studies in the Asian Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Rosenhagen earned an MA in Philosophy, Indian Studies, and Psychology from WWU Münster (Germany), a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh, and has worked in India since, where he holds a position as Assistant Professor of Philosophy (currently on leave) at Ashoka University and also served as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and as Head of the Philosophy Department. With a wealth of experience teaching and conducting research in Jain Studies, philosophy of mind, perception, science, and love his expertise covers a broad range of comparative questions concerning experience and the importance of the subject’s perspective. During the term of his appointment, he will be teaching Theories of Knowledge and Reality (comparatively taught), Introduction to Indian Philosophy, and a course specifically addressing issues in Jain Philosophy for the Department of Philosophy. At the same time, he will continue his research on anekāntavāda (non-one-sidedness), a fundamental doctrine of Jainism, its relations to ahimsā (non-violence) and aparigrāha (non-attachment), and their possible integration with contemporary western philosophy. His work builds on a strong record of publication in leading journals, including Philosophy East and West (forthcoming), Synthese, and Analytic Philosophy. With established connections to the Jain community in Pittsburgh, Dr. Rosenhagen will support the Asian Studies Center in promoting Jain Studies as an integral feature of our South Asian Studies program and the Center’s thematic focus on Global Asia.



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