Student Scholarship

If you are a student planning to travel to Africa this year or wish to receive funding to support research or other academic activities focused on Africa, please consider applying to the African Studies Scholarship program. You may be awarded anywhere from $500-$1800 to support travel, conference registration, accommodation and meals. Scholarship support is also available to students traveling within the United States for research related travel and professional conferences. Priority is given to students enrolled in the African Studies Certificate.


  • A 1-page essay on why you would like to receive the scholarship, covering the following points: 1. What activity the scholarship is funding (eg. Study abroad, internship, research, etc.); 2. The outcomes you expect from your experience; 3. The impact your experience will have on your academic/professional career
  • An itemized budget for your trip using this template
  • A written report after your travels submitted to the Center for African Studies

Due Dates for Undergraduates:

  • Funding for the Fall Semester: March 31
  • Funding for the Spring and Summer Semesters: January 31

Graduate student submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

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