Faculty Advisory Board

Faculty Advisory Board 

The mission of the Committee is to integrate support for the Center’s mission with strategic planning and budgeting in order to facilitate development of the Center’s areas of excellence—support for faculty research, university and community programming, student scholarships, and staff support. The Committee consists of twelve faculty members drawn from the Center's Core Faculty, the Director of CLAS, the Associate Director of CLAS and the Librarian of the Latin American Studies Collection ex officio. Faculty members are appointed by Director, in a way to assure representation of the three main divisions in the faculty (humanities, social sciences, and professional schools), as well as to maintain, as nearly as possible, a balance of faculty ranks and genders. Faculty members serve three-year terms. CLAS Director chairs the Committee. It meets twice a year, in the Fall and in the Spring terms, with additional meetings if needed; joint meetings with CLAS’s Student Advisory Committee will also be scheduled as needed. 

2022-2023 Faculty Advisory Board

Reid Andrews, Distinguished Professor of History

Diego Cortes, Assistant Professor of Communications

Patricia Documet, Associate Professor and Director of the Doctoral Program, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, Graduate School of Public Health

Gina Garcia, Associate Professor of Education

Marcela Gonzalez Rivas, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs

Ernesto Torres de Azevedo Marques Jr, Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, Graduate School of Public Health

Roberta Mendonca De Carvalho, Professor of Urban Studies

Michelle Reid-Vásquez, Associate Professor of Africana Studies

David Mayanin Tenorio Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Languages and Literatures

Sheila Vélez Martínez, Jack & Lovell Olender Professor of Refugee, Asylum, and Immigration Law, School of Law

Emily Wanderer, Assistant Professor of Anthropology